In a shocking incident, a newborn baby was found abandoned in a desolated place in a forested area in India.

The child was naked and smeared with blood when she was spotted by a morning walker Tuesday morning, the local police told the media. The person, who has not been identified, heard the child's cry and rushed to a nearby police station to alert the authorities, Yahoo News reported.

The baby's body had been bitten by some ants, which were found on top of the child. There were also some bodily fluids on the infant.

A team of women police officers rescued the child and rushed her to a local hospital in Nagpur, located in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. Women cops purchased diapers, some clothes and powdered milk for the baby.

"As she was crying out of hunger, I had to request for some powder milk from other women at the hospital ward and feed the baby," police constable Mamta Nakke said, according to The Times of India.

The baby was kept under observation for 48 hours. "It seems the baby was left a few hours before we found her," Nakke said.

She added the baby was cold and smeared with blood when they found her.

"We immediately arranged for a towel from neighboring families to clean the baby and remove the ants," Nakke said. "I wrapped the baby in the towel and held it close to myself for warmth. The baby was crying. We were trying to console it and also make it feel secure with our touch and voices," The Times of India reported.

The police said they were going to file a formal complaint of abandonment of a baby in the incident. They also plan to later seek permission from the court to take necessary action against those responsible. The police are checking the nearby CCTV footage to determine who abandoned the baby. 

Earlier this month in the neighboring country of Malaysia, the decomposed body of a newborn baby was found inside a plastic box. The box was abandoned in an alley. The child's umbilical cord was still intact. The body was dumped behind a business premise in Jalan Kluang, Malaysia, police said. The gender of the baby was not revealed by local police at the time.

newborn-1399155_640 Representational image Photo: pixabay