A newborn baby was hospitalized with "significant medical issues" after being found Tuesday at a homeless camp in Santa Rosa, California, officials said. Authorities said that the baby boy was 1-week-old when a homeless services worker found the child.

The San Rosa Police Department said the boy was with a woman who was not his mother, according to ABC 7 News.

"The transient female who had the infant was well known to the worker and the police and was known to have mental health issues and to be a narcotics abuser," police said in a statement. "The worker took the infant to her vehicle because it was cold outside.

Investigators were called to the scene after the homeless services worker was unable to find the child's mother.

"Officers determined the infant had unknown medical issues and had an ambulance respond to the scene," police said. "The infant was transported to Memorial Hospital and found to have significant medical issues. The issues were so significant that the infant was ultimately transferred to Children's Hospital of Oakland for further care."

The baby's mother was later found in the transient camp under Highway 101 near 5th Street.

"When the mother was contacted, she was uncooperative with police and would not identify herself or the infant," police said. "She also made no attempts to inquire as to the infant's well being or location."

Police believe the mother had given birth to the infant the week prior in an RV. The mother was identified as 38-year-old Jennifer Lynn Payment of Santa Rosa. She was arrested and charged with felony child endangerment and was booked at the Sonoma County Jail.

"The officers were unable to determine if the infant had ever received any medical care since his birth," police said.

Child Protective Services is assisting with the investigation.

newborn This photo shows the feet of a newborn. Representational image. Photo: Getty Images/Christopher Furlong

Last month, a newborn baby was found alive inside a plastic bag in Marshville, North Carolina. Union County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at a home after receiving information that a newborn child was around. Upon arrival, the officers heard a baby’s cries and after they looked around, the found the child inside a plastic bag that was hidden under leaves.

Medics were called to the scene and the baby boy, with the placenta still attached, was rushed to a nearby hospital.