Four newborn puppies were found abandoned in a plastic bag on a vacant lot in the Australian state of New South Wales on Tuesday, out of which two had died before they were rescued.

A woman and her daughter found the puppies and immediately called for help. Another unidentified woman came over and rescued the puppies. The foster carer then took to Facebook to share the incident.

“Unfortunately two had already died (starvation, freezing or asphyxiation) before they were found. I hope you know what pure scum you are and the absolute pain your mumma dog must be in right now. Mentally and physically,” the woman wrote in a local community Facebook page, adding that she named the surviving puppies Sarah and Stella.

Meanwhile, the woman who first found the puppies said, “Not knowing what to do, but aware she was a foster carer, I called her and she arrived within five minutes and even assessed the two dead pups for life. They were covered in feces and other gross stuff, we put them in my socks... and she within half an hour had them warm, clean and fed.”

In another Facebook post, the foster carer asked the dumper if they were willing to give up the mother dog. She said she was willing to take the mother dog as well.

“No questions asked. She needs to be with her babies,” she said, adding the puppies were “doing very well”.

In a similar incident in South Australia in March, 12 two-week old puppies abandoned outside a council building were rescued by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). The Staffordshire terriers were underweight and dehydrated and were barely able to open their eyes. The puppies were then taken in by three experienced foster carers.

Four puppies, cloned from a labrador retriever, pose for a photograph with researchers at Seoul National University's College of Veterinary Medicine in Seoul, South Korea, July 1, 2008. Reuters