A news vehicle with a pregnant reporter inside was carjacked by another pregnant woman in Atlanta on Tuesday morning.

The reporter Iyani Hughes, who hails from Atlanta and works for the CBS affiliated WGCL-46 channel, had just finished covering a news story near Atlantic Station and was inside the news vehicle editing her piece when a woman crashed her car into a nearby security gate along 17th Street.

The suspect, identified as 38-year-old Seniqua Lunsford, then got out of the car and immediately broke into the news van that was parked nearby. Hughes had turned on the vehicle in order to power up her equipment.

She tried to lock the doors but before she could do that, Lunsford jumped onto the driver’s seat and drove away from the scene. The immediate jerk caused by the vehicle threw Hughes from the seat on to the floor of the vehicle.

Hughes screamed with pain and pleaded Lunsford to stop the vehicle but as it started speeding, she managed to get up from the floor and buckled herself to the seat.

News anchor Karen Greer, who was anchoring the morning show, heard the whole incident unfolding in her earpiece.

“It is frightening when you become the news story as a journalist,” Greer said. “I could hear in my ear because they realized in master control that something was going on so they were rolling on it and I could hear (Hughes) scream and I could hear Jeff, our photographer, yelling somebody just drove off in our car.” She described the incident in a Facebook post.

Luckily the Atlanta police officers, who were at the scene investigating the car crash involving Lunsford, heard Hughes scream and set on a pursuit.

Lunsford’s escape was in vain as she ended up crashing the van near the Peachtree Circle in Ansley Park. The officers took her into custody when she tried to jump out and run. Hughes hit her head onto the windshield during the crash but did not suffer any serious injuries. However, she was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. She was shaken by the incident and was recovering at her home.

Meanwhile, Lunsford hurt her arm during the crash and was also taken to the hospital. The police were investigating the case and no charges were slapped on the suspect yet.

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Representational image of a crashed news van. REUTERS/Pat Little