Will (Jeff Daniels) will be taking some heat in the wake of an FBI investigation in episode 3 of "The Newsroom" Season 3. HBO

“News Night” just can't catch a break! Things are getting worse and worse on “The Newsroom” as the HBO drama nears the midpoint of its third and final season. In episode 2, Reese (Chris Messina) and Leona (Jane Fonda) Lansing met with Reese’s siblings, Blair (Kat Dennings of “2 Broke Girls”) and Randy Lansing (Chris Smith), about their plans to take a controlling stake in Atlantic Media and sell the company (along with ACN) to a capital investment firm. Plus, Neal (Dev Patel) faced some major consequences after helping a source steal classified documents. In episode 3, “Main Justice,” the whole station will be in crisis mode.

According to the synopsis, with Atlantis and ACN in danger of a buyout, Reese and Leona need to come up with $4 billion to make good on their deal with Blair and Randy to keep the company. Since Leona does not have that kind of money, Reese will be in the market for new partners to come on board in exchange for the pricey investment. Guest star B.J. Novak (“The Office”) will join the cast in the new episode as a possible buyer for ACN, but he will clash with Charlie (Sam Waterston) over which direction to take the station.

Meanwhile, Will (Jeff Daniels) is still taking the heat after Neal was forced to go into hiding when the FBI investigation over stolen classified documents took over the newsroom. The anchor claims to be the only other person who knows the name of Neal’s source, and the promo reveals that for refusing to give the name to the FBI, he could be facing some harsh consequences.

Watch the promo for episode 2 below:

One bright spot in episode 3 will be the new and improved Maggie (Alison Pill). This season has been a big change for the young journalist. After impressing with her reporting in Boston, she stumbled on a scoop from an EPA official on the train ride home that will run on “News Night” in the new episode.

Will Charlie and Reese be able to save the company? Can Will keep Neal (and himself) out of prison? There are only four episodes left to find out. “The Newsroom” airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.

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