Newsweek Editor Jim Impoco Talks About The ‘New’ Newsweek
Newsweek is back in print and bigger then ever with controversial cover story IBTimesTV

IBT Media is making headlines today with the long-awaited return of Newsweek in print. The magazine’s cover story, “The Face Behind Bitcoin,” by Senior Staff Writer Leah McGrath Goodman, is already making waves. The story, which revealed the identity of the cybercurrency’s mysterious founder to be 64-year-old California engineer Satoshi Nakamoto, has stirred up controversy in the Bitcoin community. And it’s helped create plenty of buzz around the new Newsweek.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Jim Impoco, was all smiles as he sat down with IBTimesTV to discuss the future of Newsweek. What was behind the decision to run the Bitcoin feature on the cover? That was easy, says Impoco. It was their best story.

Given the hype over the cryptocurrency in recent months, Impoco knew the reaction to the story would be intense. But he admits that even he was surprised by the feedback and the vehemence of some commenters on Reddit and other online forums.

The real challenge now is how to top Newsweek’s first edition. That question “keeps me up at night,” says Impoco.