• The cheat program features some typical anti-competitive characterstics
  • It reportedly takes advantage of a new technology to make the cheat undetectable
  • Cheating has been a prevailing issue in the gaming industry

A next-generation cheat, now available on consoles, reportedly comes with undetectability and machine learning technology.

Comprehensive information about this new cheat (name redacted) came from Twitter account AntiCheatPD, which specializes in collecting intelligence on cheats to sense and disrupt cheating communities and organizations. In a tweet, the insider mentioned that "consoles are no longer a safe space to play your games legit anymore" because of this next-generation cheat.

According to the insider, the cheat is an amplified aim assist that takes advantage of machine learning and allows the controller to automatically point to the target's location. They revealed that with the help of machine learning, the new cheat "sends input to your controller whenever it sees a valid target, this is aim assist but more amplified without you even needing to do anything all you have to do is aim in the general area and the machine will do the work for you."

The hackers claimed to have stolen the source codes for games including Cyberpunk 2077
The hackers claimed to have stolen the source codes for games including Cyberpunk 2077 AFP / Wojtek RADWANSKI

Kotaku, which reviewed the said cheat, explained that the program features "the typical anti-competitive characteristics like auto-aim, auto-lock on, and the ability to detect which weapon a player is using to automatically reduce recoil."

According to the creator of the said cheat, it would work for any title on any platform. The program is undetectable by the anti-cheat software used by game developers, the creator has claimed.

AntiCheatPD said on Twitter that the cheat was detectable. However, they noted: "it will be a pain for the developers to detect this. It will certainly not be an easy job to detect these types of cheats. This already exists on PC but now is available in console."

Cheating is a prevalent issue, especially among multiplayer games. While it is true that cheating software is not popular in consoles, they do exist in the platform. Cheats, however, have found it difficult to prosper as players keep reporting instances of cheating and developers always find a way to eradicate them.

Despite this, cheats still spread and multiply like wildfire in the gaming industry. It is also interesting to note that cheat creators are often one step ahead of game developers, prompting them to constantly update their anti-cheat programs.