In an effort to get its Internet-streaming video service to more customers, Netflix is reportedly working hard to strike partnerships with cable, fiber and satellite-TV providers.

The Los Gatos, Calif., tech company believes that putting its service into the set-top boxes that millions of Americans already use is the next major step to growing its memberships, according to a report by GigaOM. The only way to accomplish that is by partnering with TV providers, traditionally viewed as Netflix rivals. 

Months ago, Netflix posted a job listing for an engineering manager position that supports GigaOM's report, saying "After having Netflix integrated on every relevant TV, Blu-Ray player, streaming box and streaming stick, our new frontier is now cable boxes. We want to reach our current and future members on devices they use most frequently to watch linear TV, cable and satellite set-top boxes."

Netflix could announce its first partnership with a major TV service provider -- possibly AT&T -- as early as next year, according to the report.