NFL Star Joe Andruzzi
Joe Andruzzi helped saved an injured Boston Marathon victim named "Julie" Monday. Reuters

After the two explosions at the Boston Marathon Monday, hundreds raced in to help bomb victims, everyone from witnesses to marathon workers, nearby EMT’s and even an NFL champion.

Three-time New England Patriots Super Bowl champ Joe Andruzzi, 37, who was at the annual event for his (Up) Beat Cancer Joe Andruzzi Foundation to support marathon runners, stepped in to help injured bystanders, and his heroic actions were all caught on camera, reported Deadspin.

Photographers snapped a photo of Andruzzi (it can be seen here) craddling a visibly injured woman while her two daughters walk on either side of him in tears. A commenter on Andruzzi’s foundation Facebook page claims the injured woman’s name is Julie.

“I speak for legions of neighbors who are thankful for you carrying our dear Julie and leading her girls out of harm’s way. We thank you for your selfless act,” said commenter Annie Masterson Dipert of Springfield, Va.

An MSNBC broadcast report also caught the moment on tape. The two young females can be seen dragging the older female and yelling for news reporters to help, before Andruzzi can be seen in a store window reflection running to assist.

Andruzzi commented on Twitter that he and his wife, Jen, are safe and offered his condolences to the victims of Monday's bombing.

Our thoughts & prayers are with all the victims and their families impacted at today's Boston Marathon.TY to all our emergency personnel.

Andruzzi’s foundation, which the former football player started after his own battle with cancer, aims to help provide financial assistance to those struggling with disease while maintaining a positive attitude. The charity’s slogan: “Because we’ve got better things to do than worry about cancer.”

Fans of the NFL star praised him on Facebook yesterday, calling him a hero.

“You have a heart of gold. Thank you for making the world a better place,” said commenter Yn. Natasha Aljalian said the NFL star visited her son Gabriel, a Children’s Hospital patient, a few months ago. “You are even more of a hero to us today after seeing you again help those at their time of need,” she said.

"Never too late for a new sports hero,” said commenter Joe Reinsch.