An Ohio man was arraigned in Niagara Falls City Court on Thursday, a day after police recovered the body of a woman in the trunk of his car, according to reports.

Police took 37-year-old JeShawn Elliot, a resident of Youngstown, Ohio, into custody on Wednesday evening, according to CBS affiliate WIVB. His vehicle was found in a parking lot on Buffalo Avenue, Niagara Falls.

Police told WIVB that Elliot left the body in the trunk of the car and escaped from there on a rented bike. The officials are investigating why the man drove with the body to the Niagara Falls.

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Niagara Falls police received a tip from an unidentified man in Ohio around 5 p.m. EDT on Wednesday. The man told the police his brother called him to confess he had stabbed his girlfriend Anvia Mickens and then left her inside a car. Investigators speculated that Elliott may have wanted to die by suicide at Niagara Falls after the murder, so he headed there.

The officials also said the victim was stabbed repeatedly and eventually strangled, although they were not sure if she bled to death from her wounds or she died of asphyxiation after being put into the trunk, according to, a local news website. 

“We spoke to the brother, the initial caller, and we obtained a name for the girlfriend. We spoke to her mother and she also confirmed that she’s been missing,” Youngstown Police Lt. Doug Bobovnyik said.

The police officers chased Elliott on a bike after he was spotted riding about a block away from where his car was found abandoned in a parking lot. Police said the officials had to hit him with a Taser as he pulled a folding knife at the officers.

Niagra Falls police also found Micken’s car left abandoned downtown, according to the However, the report did not mention where exactly the car was found.

A missing person’s report was filed by Micken’s mother on Wednesday. Soon after the report was filed, the Youngstown Police Department had put out a nationwide pick-up on Elliot.

Police also went to Micken's mother’s house on Bradley Lane in Youngstown in order to begin their investigation. They then went on to look into Elliott’s house in the 200 block of Outlook Avenue.

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Elliott was charged with attempted assault of a police officer with a deadly weapon and menacing an officer, according to ABC affiliate WKBW. Prosecutors also said they were looking into homicide charges against Elliott. Investigators said they are not aware yet why he drove to Niagara Falls, as he has no connection to the area.

It is also not clear where the woman was killed but Niagara Falls Police Superintendent E. Bryan Dalporto said the victim had been dead for at least 12 hours when her body was recovered according to the medical examiner. While the autopsy results are still awaited, the investigating officials claimed they were sure the body was that of Mickens. The bond has been set at $200,000 for the Elliott.