Nicki Minaj
Singer Nicki Minaj accepts the best hip hop video award for "Super Bass" at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, Aug. 28, 2011. REUTERS

Nicki Minaj is very angry and has deactivated her Twitter account. The furious singer did this on April 15 after her music was leaked on a fan account.

Over a million fans and followers of the singer are now left waiting for her comeback to the social networking site, which may or may not happen.

After getting into a fight with some of her followers, Minaj's last tweet read Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f--king bye.

Moments before Minaj could delete her account, (part of the Complex Network) managed to capture some screen grabs., the site that offended Minaj, has been pulled down and all the content from the site taken off. The official account of, @NickiDaily posted snippets of her new album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, on its account, which apparently earned the rapper's ire.

It's still unclear if NickiDaily is the real reason behind Minaj deactivating her account. After the singer deleted her account, fans were left with mixed reactions.

@adenatural Who cares if Nicki Minaj deleted her twitter.. #imjustsaying said a tweet from a fan.

@tdevydevyd when nicki minaj deletes her twitter and you feel like you have nothing to look forward to anymore... #NickiComeBack said another.

Nicki Minaj, by deleting her account, has joined other celebrities who have abandoned their Twitter profiles. Earlier, singer Chris Brown, Cassie and Kid Cudi had also deleted their accounts, only to return later.