Michael Jordan has been out of basketball for years now. He's mostly on the golf course. But the latest pair of basketball Nike Air Jordan shoes named in his honor are so hot they are causing bedlam in some parts of the country.

Fights have erupted. Pairs have been stolen. And, arrests have been made, as the shoes are selling out and being re-sold for much higher prices on eBay -- $300 to $500 and up.

Demand for the sneakers and chaos surrounding Nike release of the Air Jordans have caused mayhem from coast-to-coast. The new Concord is a retro model of one of the more popular Air Jordans Nike has produced. It retails for $180 in a limited release but pairs at eBay are going for much higher than that.

In Seattle, police used pepper spray on 20 customers who got into a fight in the Westfield Southcenter mall, according to Newsday. Police said the crowd began gathering at the mall around four stores expected to sell them around midnight the day of the release. By 4 a.m. some 1,000 people had gathered. People began to fight and push, and one 18-year-old man was arrested for assault after he punched a police officer.

The man did not get the shoes, an officer said, but he did go to jail.

In Jersey City, New Jersey, one man was stabbed after a brawl involving the shoes, and in Indiana police were called to three different malls over chaotic scenes caused by crowds wanting the shoes.