Julianne Hough‘s last hurrah before bidding the single life goodbye is not over. “Vampire Diaries” actress Nina Dobrev continued to share wonderful photos from the tropical bachelorette party on Instagram. One update that’s getting the attention of many fans is of Dobrev doing some acrobatic stunts at the stern of a boat.

On Sunday, Ian Somerhalder’s ex posted more updates from the fun-filled bachelorette party for the “Dancing With the Stars” pro dancer-turned-judge. Among the photos and clips she shared on Instagram, however, one stood out for her fans because of the rather risky and difficult pose Dobrev was making in the pic.

Apparently, Dobrev and her friend and celebrity fashion stylist Anita Patrickson performed an insanely dangerous stunt at the end of the boat they were riding with Hough and their other friends. The stunt involves Dobrev suspending her upper body in the air while she clings onto a pole with just one hand. For the pose, her legs are bent and her feet rest on top of the metal rods attached to the pole. Meanwhile, Patrickson, who is standing in front of the dangling actress, supports Dobrev by holding her hand.

Due to the difficulty of the pose she did, Dobrev got a lot of compliments from her fans. One fan wrote: “You are the coolest… no comparison.” Another commented: “You really live life to the fullest! Absolutely love it.”

Of course, Dobrev did not miss the opportunity to do a wacky shot with the bride-to-be. The pals shot a humorous clip of them doing what seems to be a sailor-themed salsa dance dip. Earlier, they also did some comical acts in the pool and shared them on Instagram.

Hough’s bachelorette party kicked off last Thursday. The Cabo San Lucas celebration was joined by many of the “Grease: Live” lead star’s closest friends. She got engaged to hockey player Brooks Laich in 2015 after dating for a year and a half.