Kim Kardashian Nino Brown feud
Kim Kardashian and her family are being attacked by rapper Nino Brown on social media. Pictured: Kardashian at the #BlogHer16 Experts Among Us conference in Los Angeles, on Aug. 5, 2016. Getty Images

Nino Brown is waging war against the Kardashian sisters, and it appears the rapper has no intentions of ending the beef anytime soon. Brown ignited a social media firestorm after he started bashing Kim Kardashian and her famous siblings on Instagram and Twitter.

The drama began Saturday when the “Grapes” rapper posted a YouTube video ranting about how evil the Kardashian women are. In the almost four-minute video, Brown said the Kardashians have “bad luck” and accused them of ruining the careers of the men they date. Brown said he wants to stay away from the Kardashians because they are “culture vultures.”

“Look at Kanye. Kanye done dyed his hair purple, green, blonde, bronze,” he said in the expletive-filled rant.

Brown’s attack on the Kardashians didn’t end there. The rapper then took to Instagram to post a screenshot of an alleged text message Kim sent him asking for the video to be taken down.

“Delete that video now. Who in the hell u think u are to disrespect me and my family. Who put u up to do this! Why are u attacking us, we support u and like all your grape videos,” the message read. “But this is very wrong and disrespectful , U will be hearing from our attorney if u do not remove that video! Remove it now!!” During the text exchange, Brown said he would only remove the video if he was paid $5 million and the Kardashian sisters left “black men alone forever.”

An Instagram photo also surfaced of Brown posing with Kim’s husband Kanye West. In the caption, he asked people to pray for the “Famous” rapper. “The real Kanye I know would never support Trump. The real Kanye I know won’t wear Eye contacts and blonde weaves. … Look at Reggie Bush One who had a promising career and after Kim k his career fell down the drain. Look at Kris Humphries a great basketball player and after Kim k spell, his career went to hell. But she went to the bank. Sad but true … pray for our Yeezus we once knew to return to normal , such talented guy that will ruin his legacy if he don’t escape those Kardashian devils,” he posted.

Kim and her sisters haven’t publicly addressed Brown, but the rapper is still slamming them on social media. On Tuesday, he tweeted that the Kardashian’s lawyer had contacted him about the video. “I want $5 million. Non negotiable. Tell Ye its business not personal. And y’all better patch up and break bread. Other than that [grapes],” he posted.

In another Twitter post, Brown wrote that several celebrities reached out to him asking him to stop bashing the Kardashians. “Everybody from Kanye to Cold Play done tried to get me to take down the truth,” he tweeted. “I told them send me the old Nike yeezys & seedless grapes.”