Nintendo NX VR
Will Nintendo remove region locks from the NX? They should. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

Nintendo NX rumors point to a possible release date, games lineup and name for the highly anticipated console, but the anonymous 4Chan source has us more than a little skeptical about the report.

It says that Nintendo’s next hardware revision will be called the Nintendo Focus, and it will be revealed on Sept. 21 for a March 10, 2017, release date. This namesake, whether true or false, is likely a nod to rumors popularized by Eurogamer that the system will be a portable-home hybrid. In essence, rather than trying to balance two markets, Nintendo will be able to focus the lion’s share of its attention on NX.

Where the speculation really starts to unravel, however, is the mentioned games lineup. According to the source, the NX/Focus will launch with five flagship games that include “Super Smash Bros. For Focus,” “Super Smash Bros. Melee HD,” “Pokemon Gold And Silver” for Virtual Console, “F-Zero^2” and “The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.” “Smash For Focus” will allegedly include all 3DS and Wii U content, as well as Wolf, Pichu, Ice Climbers and Shovel Knight characters. The “F-Zero” sequel is supposedly being helmed by Retro Studios.

In addition to those titles, there are five others that were mentioned as launch window games for NX. These are “Super Mario Focus,” “Animal Crossing Election Year,” “Pikmin 4,” a port of “Pokemon Sun And Moon” and a new IP called “Pilleow” from Good-Feel.

The fact that these claims come from an unverified source makes us extremely skeptical of their validity, but we’ve provided the information for rumor mongers that want it. From our perspective, the evidence seems to be a new spin on popular speculation. There’s been lots of talk about a “Super Smash Bros.” port, for example, so it’s no surprise to see it again here. That being said, it doesn’t seem feasible that Nintendo would release a semi-new franchise iteration on the exact same day as a “Melee” HD remake.

The reveal and release details also pull strongly from prior reports. Eurogamer’s story references a September reveal, and Nintendo publically said that it plans to release the NX in March. Mentioning any day within those months gives any speculation an air of correctness. Of course, sometimes the wild claims that nobody believes can wind up coming true.

What do you think of these rumors? Are the release details and games too good to be true? What about the name? Tell us in the comments section!