Nintendo software titles continue to dominate video-game sales in Japan according to new data released today, while its Wii game-console outpaced rivals Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo's own Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii became the best-selling software for February in Japan, according to video game magazine publisher Enterbrain. The game, released on the last day of January, sold 1.33 million units through February.

The Japan-based game maker also took the No.2 spot with the Wii Fit home fitness game, which sold 309,311 units in the four weeks, Enterbrain said.

The hit fitness game will be coming to the United States on May 19, Nintendo said last week. It will also debut with a motion sensing device, called the Wii Balance Board, which can monitor a players movement he does stretches, and other exercises.

The Wii is also continuing to outsell its heavy-weight rival Sony and its Playstation 3 game system. Gamers bought 331,627 units of the Wii in the four weeks to February 24, compared with 89,131 units of the PS3, Enterbrain said.

The Wii's performance illustrates the success of Nintendo's strategy of targeting casual users with an inexpensive console and entertaining titles, rather than addressing hard-core gamers by offering highly sophisticated and spectacular titles and systems, said iSuppli analysts Pam Tufegdzic, in a report last week.

Microsoft, whose videogame business is struggling in Japan, home to both Sony and Nintendo, sold 14,079 Xbox 360 units.