A Nintendo patent that was made available online last month contains details about a vibration system for a gaming console. While many sources are claiming that this patented technology could be part of the Switch’s features, there are also others saying the patent is for the next-in-line handheld console after the 3DS.

On Monday, My Nintendo News reported about a Nintendo patent that was originally filed back in April 2015. The news publication said the patent is for a vibration system of a handheld device that produces sensations based on what is taking place on the screen.

Per the patent, the vibration system can receive orders in two ways. First, it can obtain vibration commands from the processing unit of the handheld device itself. Next, it can perceive orders from a network. The latter is believed to pertain to vibration data that is transferred via cloud gaming or cloud computing.

The device is said to run on AMFM codes, so it has a decoder that separates AM data from FM data. The device reportedly generates FM frequency from FM data, then it combines the frequency with AM information to come up with an AMFM wave.

The AMFM waves produced are used to simulate various haptic sensations that target sensory receptors. These waves are interpreted by a codec that converts them into analog vibration signals that would then pass through an amplifier. When the signals reach the actuator, actual vibrations are performed by the device.

Nintendo Everything says the patent could be referring to a feature of the upcoming Nintendo Switch hybrid console. If true, the system’s core unit, Joy-Cons or whatever it is that would contain the vibration system would be providing haptic feedback to players for a more interactive experience.

Meanwhile, some of Nintendo fans and general players have voiced out online how this vibration system could be a technology for the successor of the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console. They claim that this could be the next gimmick now that Nintendo is done banking on 3D technology for its handheld consoles and the haptic feedback could make the next-generation gaming device boast of a 4D experience.

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