Bendgate strikes again! After making headlines in 2014 when it was found out that the iPhone 6 has the tendency to bend when placed inside the pockets, bendgate is likely to make rounds on the internet again as Nintendo Switch players complain about warping issues with their consoles. Apparently, Nintendo’s newest gaming machine is prone to bowing or bending when used in docked mode.

TechnoBuffalo learned that over the weekend the online forums for Nintendo Switch were flooded with complaints that sprung from what seems to be a bending problem with the gaming machine. On Reddit, stories of the Switch warping have become a hot topic among users. Some have even shared photos of their bent device to prove and show how serious the problem is.

At first, many agreed that the warping was likely due to the console working harder in docked mode. The device is said to get really hot in this mode, so internal components expand, causing the console itself to suffer bending issues. However, someone revealed that the warping problem is also present even when the device is used in handheld mode.

While the bending problem seems to be alarming, Engadget reports that it does not seem to affect the Nintendo Switch’s functionality. There have been no complaints of bricked devices just because the hardware warped. Nevertheless, knowing that the Switch is suffering from bendgate is still a bummer, especially to fans who are planning to purchase the console.

If it’s any consolation, the Reddit user who started the thread about the warping problem of the Switch has now uploaded a video update on YouTube. In the clip, he says that he has spoken with Nintendo’s support team and the company is willing to repair his device. He noted toward the end of the video that he’ll be releasing another update once he gets his console back from Nintendo.

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