• Nintendo has not yet confirmed the existence of the rumored Switch Pro
  • The upgraded version will sell for more than $299: Bloomberg report
  • Rumors have it that Nintendo Would unveil the Switch Pro before E3 2021

More details about the Nintendo Switch Pro surfaced again online ahead of the gaming console's rumored launch in June. The new set of leaks has revealed the major features the upgraded and enhanced model would introduce, along with some details about its price and release date.

The latest report from Vandal spotted and translated by Wccftech revealed that the Nintendo Switch Pro would include a couple of USB 3.0 ports and an ethernet port. The ethernet port would be welcomed by fans who have long been disappointed by the online capabilities of Nintendo's hybrid console. 

The introduction of the ethernet port could be a good indication that the Japanese gaming giant is taking its online offerings to the next level. After all, the Switch has been left behind by other gaming consoles when it comes to multiplayer offerings. Currently, Nintendo's hybrid console features two USB 2.0 ports in front, a USB 3.0 in the back and an HDMI port. 

Nintendo's massive profits were fuelled by a surge in demand for its Switch consul its popular 'Animal Crossing' game Nintendo's massive profits were fuelled by a surge in demand for its Switch consul its popular 'Animal Crossing' game Photo: AFP / Behrouz MEHRI

Unlike with other gaming consoles, Switch users cannot use an external hard drive and require a MicroSD card for digital downloads. The current model does not have an ethernet port, but some owners use third-party adapters to connect the system using the USB ports. A few days ago, Bloomberg reported that the Nintendo Switch Pro would feature a 7-inch Samsung OLED display, which is an increase from the current 6.2-inch LCD screen.

The site also revealed that the new Switch upgrade would be unveiled in the coming weeks ahead of this year's E3 event. It might come out as early as September, according to the report. The much-awaited gaming system would reportedly cost more than the current model, which retails at $299. Bloomberg also claimed that Nintendo would phase out the 2017 model when the upgraded model arrives.

Nintendo would still offer the Switch Lite as an alternative, Bloomberg noted.

Over the past months, the Japanese gaming giant has repeatedly denied rumors related to the Switch Pro. However, Bloomberg has been consistent in its reports about the upcoming upgraded Switch model with a 7-inch OLED display.