• Data miners have unearthed the possible coming of Bluetooth Audio to Nintendo Switch
  • The latest firmware update hardly offers major changes to Nintendo Switch
  • Leaks and updates on the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro remain scarce

The Nintendo Switch just got a new update, and if the codes are correct, there could be a long-awaited feature coming soon, a leak suggests. The firmware update did not do much for the current-gen game consoles, but data miners may have unearthed something that Nintendo Switch owners have been asking for – Bluetooth audio.

Right now, that may not apply to the Nintendo Switch or the Switch Lite. But with rumors of the Nintendo Switch Pro swirling, there is a chance that it may come with the potential new device. This rumor gained ground thanks to the exploits of Nintendo Switch data miner “OatMealDome,” who noted on Twitter that it remains unclear if what he spotted is anything to get excited about.

There is no guarantee that the feature is a sign of things to come. It may be referring to something else, but Nintendo would not place it there if there were no plans tied to it. The only thing certain for now is that all of this remains speculation until Nintendo makes an official announcement.

The latest update for the Nintendo Switch contained a lot of information that could point to new features coming to the game console. But at the top of the list is the Bluetooth driver that was (secretly) added to the 12.0.0 update. Console owners have been asking for the Bluetooth Audio feature since 2017.

Similar to other updates, there could be something planned, and it may not be limited to the Nintendo Switch. But unless Nintendo says so, all this may be nothing for now. Nintendo hardly comments on rumors, especially when it comes to data mining leaks.

As for the Nintendo Switch Pro, the company has yet to provide official word about the console. Unofficially, most are expecting advanced features that include being 4K ready and having the dual-gaming function – something that would allow gamers to play their favorite game even on television sets.

Beyond that, the Nintendo Switch Pro is expected to work better and faster. Some are speculating that it will come with SSD storage, something that helps address loading time concerns. Other rumors suggested that the console will come with a fitness tracker and an OLED display. For now, Nintendo stays mum on the features of the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro.

hottest-toys-2020-nintendo-switch Nintendo Switch. Photo: BestBuy