Terry Bogard of the famed “ The King of Fighters” franchise has officially joined the growing roster of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”

The character was introduced through the game's version 6.0 patch. The latest update also included a new “King of Fighters” Stadium as well as several gameplay changes and game balance adjustments.

During a 45-minute livestream Wednesday, director Masahiro Sakurai tested Terry's wide array of moves and special abilities. Newsweek said that Terry is one of the game's unique characters since he “automatically faces” his opponent no matter where he is on the stage.

SuperSmashBros_WiiU The gang is back to brawl again. Photo: Courtesy/Nintendo

In addition to this, the SNK character mixes most of his special attacks and players can opt to go weak and strong on certain situations.

Inputting a special quickly will create a weak version of that skill, but if players charge it a bit it'll become a stronger version, said the website.

Players can charge Terry's neutral Power Wave special to increase its damage and speed. His up special, on the other hand, is a corkscrew kick, while his side special is a dashing punch called the Burning Knuckle.

Terry is much like any fighting character where players can utilize certain command inputs to power up their attacks. Kotaku's Cecelia D'Anastasio, who tested the character, said that he also brought with him some of his “King of Fighters” tactics like the Crack Shoot, Terry's back special, Rising Tackle and Power Dunk, his down special.

Polygon meanwhile pointed that Terry's biggest strength will show once his damage goes beyond 100%. At this point, players can activate Terry's Super Special Moves when they see “Go!” under his name. It can be quite difficult to execute, but if a player can do it properly, it can deal a ton of damage and “turn a momentum of a match around, even if things look hopeless.”

Alongside Terry, version 6.0 also debuted the aforementioned “King of Fighters” Stadium. The arena's edges is walled off so players need to break through it for a good KO. 20 characters from “Fatal Fury” and other Neo Geo games are also slated to make their cameo appearances such as Andy Bogard, Geese, Billy Kane and much more.

Version 6.0 of the “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” is free, but Terry Bogard and the “King of Fighters” Stadium can be had for $4.99 as part of the Challenger Pack 4, or via the Fighter's Pass for $24.99.