• Nintendo once approached Disney so it can add "Kingdom Hearts" hero Sora to "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"
  • Former Game Informer senior editor Imran Kahn said the negotiation happened but it failed
  • Sora might still be included in the next Fighter's Pass, Kahn said

Despite the huge roster that “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” has, fans are still longing to see their favorite non-”Smash” character join the fray.

Some fans longing to see oft-requested characters like Doomguy (a.k.a. Doom Slayer) from “DOOM,” Dante from “Devil May Cry” and Leon Kennedy from “Resident Evil” fame were surprised to see Byleth, the main protagonist of “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” join the Nintendo brawler.

Many of them lamented that there are too many “Fire Emblem” characters in “Smash Bros” (Byleth is the eighth “FE” character in the game). Many also lamented that Byleth is just another addition to the number of sword-wielders in the game.

“Smash Bros.” game director Masahiro Sakurai recently admitted that the game has “too many FE characters” and “too many sword users.” While that might sound like a relief and a glimmer of hope for those who have the same sentiment, that is not a guarantee that the game will have more non-”FE” and non-sword-users in the future.

Nintendo Super Smash Bros Ultimate Byleth
"Fire Emblem: Three Houses" player character Byleth to arrive on "Super Smash Brothers Ultimate" as a DLC Fighter in late January 2020. Nintendo/Fire Emblem Three Houses/Super Smash Brothers Ultimate/Twitter

One sword-wielder that has been highly requested and might have a chance to get in the game could be Sora from “Kingdom Hearts.” Many players had hoped that the young keyblade user will be included in the roster, Screen Rant reported. And if someone knowledgeable about the matter is to be believed, it seems likely that this will happen.

According to former Game Informer senior editor and Kinda Funny cohost Imran Kahn, Nintendo actually wanted to put the “Kingdom Hearts” hero in the game. “They absolutely approached Disney about [getting Sora into Smash Bros.] once,” he said.

The game company, however, didn't succeed in that endeavor. When asked for the reason as to why the character wasn't included in the game, Kahn said Disney didn't want the character to join the fray. “Yes, Disney Japan specifically,” he said.

Screen Rant noted that Kahn didn't specify when the negotiation took place. It's possible that the talks happened well before “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,” or while Nintendo was still working on DLCs for “Smash Wii U” or “Smash 3DS.”

Kahn, however, isn't ruling Sora out completely. In the video, the former Game Informer senior editor said Nintendo might add Sora or Master Chief (from “Halo” fame”) to the “Smash Bros.” roster this year. Simply put, fans should expect to see surprises in the next “Smash Bros.” Fighter's Pass.