Global search engine and tech giant Google is ready to go where no other global tech giant would like to enter. It will launch a brand new range of devices which will include dishwashers, light bulbs, thermostats and basically anything which has an electrical connection to it.

These devices will be made communicable through wireless technology including computers, tablets and phones which will act as remote control and will be used to record data.

Google said in a statement that its ultimate aim is to design a set of devices which will have the ability to connect and communicate with themselves.

The devices will be programmed with Android technology and will be called Android@home.

From the beginning, Android was designed to extend beyond the mobile phone. With that in mind, we’ve developed Android Open Accessory to help developers start building new hardware accessories that will work across all Android devices, said Hugo Barra, Product Management Director of Android in blog post. Android@Home allows Android apps to discover, connect and communicate with appliances and devices in your home, he explained.

At I/O 2011 software developers’ conference in San Francisco, Google showed a tablet that could control the lighting system, send music directly from internet to a communications chip which can start playing music when attached to a speaker.

This is the first time Google will be entering the threshold of home appliances but expects to control the market of the future through its android based appliances. It has already made foray into clean energy sector.