• Rammi Malek may not be playing Dr. No in "No Time To Die"
  • James Bond may die in the film
  • This is the last film for Daniel Craig as the British spy

The main villain in the next James Bond film “No Time To Die” is a character named Safin (Rami Malek). There have been rumors that this character may be Dr. No, and Malek recently responded to these rumors in a recent interview.

Dr. No is arguably one of the most popular James Bond villains. The character appeared in the 1962 movie from the franchise and it was played by Joseph Wiseman. The character’s return for the 25th movie is an exciting idea for the fans.

In a recent interview with Esquire, Malek said that he has heard the rumors about his character being Dr. No. The actor didn’t confirm the reports and simply said that it is an “exciting thing” to consider.

Malek isn’t allowed to share any details about his character yet. The actor pointed out that the upcoming film is special because it is the 25th from the franchise and also because it is the last time Daniel Craig will play the role of James Bond.

The big question that many fans have is how things will end for Craig’s James Bond in “No Time To Die.” According to Screen Rant, there is enough evidence in the trailers to suggest that the character will die. All the characters in the film seem to believe that the famous British spy is dead, and they are visibly surprised to see him alive.

Will Malek’s character kill James Bond? The Super Bowl trailer of the film teased a scene in which Safin can be seen pointing a gun at someone. While it isn’t clear if the villain will kill the spy in the film, the gun scene suggests that this is not Dr. No because the character in the 1962 flick had metal hands, Screen Rant reported.

“No Time To Die” will be released on April 10.