Nokia, the world largest cell-phone manufacturer, has teamed up with China Mobile in efforts to expand the cellular networking infrastructure across mainland China, the companies said on Tuesday.

The Helsinki-based cellular company will supply GSM/GPRS radio and core network equipment, including base-stations that China Mobile will use as it expands the GSM standard across the east-Asian country. The agreement is valued at $634 million (EUR 580 million) and is expected to conclude within a year.

The move allows Nokia to expand its presence in China, as well as expand the GSM cellular standard across the world.

Nokia is well positioned and fully committed to support operators exploring the potential of GSM networks, says James Lin, Vice President, Networks, Nokia China.

China Mobile's Vice President Sha Yueja stated that he was extremely pleased with the deal.

Working together, the companies have realized many industry firsts in China, including the first international GSM roaming network and the first GSM call, the companies stated.