Kim Jong Un speaking at a military convention in North Korea Nov. 3, 2015. Reuters

If you ever find yourself traveling with the supreme leader of North Korea and you have to go to the bathroom, don’t count on him being in the next stall to spare a square. Kim Jong Un travels with a mobile toilet in tow when he inspects military bases and state-run factories, and that particular abode is strictly private property.

The toilets are installed in several of the leader’s transportation options, including his private train car, automobiles and the all-terrain vehicles he uses to drive through mountains and snowy terrain, according to media reports published Friday. “He has to travel around the entire country for field guidance, so there always needs to be a personal restroom exclusively for the Suryeong [Supreme Leader] Kim Jong Un,” an unnamed source explained to the Daily North Korean. The source was granted anonymity for fear of repercussions for discussing Kim’s private habits. “It is unthinkable in a Suryeong-based society for him to have to use a public restroom just because he travels around the country," the source said.

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The private, portable bathrooms aren’t the only idiosyncratic elements of Kim’s life. He is known for having a $7 million yacht, importing very expensive liquors and foods, owning 20 pianos and having a 1,000-seat luxury cinema. He also has a prominent friendship with retired NBA star Dennis Rodman.

Of course, Kim’s tenure at the helm of North Korea isn’t all high living. The leader is also well known for high-profile purges of members of his military -- even his ex-girlfriend. A high-profile general was killed in 2012, and a North Korean Army minister was purged in 2012 for drunkenness and what has been characterized as inappropriate behavior following the death of Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il, who ran the country before his son took over.