North West showed off her curly hair when she arrived in Armenia with father Kanye West and mother Kim Kardashian Wednesday. They were greeted with flashes from photographers and hordes of fans, which is just a typical day in the life of a Kardashian. 

But there was something unusual about Wednesday's outing: North, 22 months, is normally dressed in black and has her dark locks slicked back in a bun, but instead her hair flowed free and she wore a pink shirt and white trousers. The tot might have had a mid-air makeover, because the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported her hair was in a bun when she boarded the plane.

The famous family took a trip to Armenia -- where the Kardashian father's family immigrated from -- because they want to honor the anniversary of the Armenian genocide. "Kim Kardashian, her daughter, husband and sisters want to visit Armenia to commemorate victims of the Armenian genocide," one of the trip's organizers told the Agence France Presse

Khloe, 30, took to social media to announce their arrival. “Armenia!!!! We're here!!!! (I wish there was an orange heart emoji so I can show the colors of the Armenian flag but the yellow heart will do for now,” she said on Instagram.  “The love and welcoming to Armenia has been overwhelmingly beautiful!!! I wholeheartedly, can't believe all of you Angels who are outside our hotel with flowers and smiles. Im incredibly eager to get some sleep and see Armenia in the day light! I hope I'm able to sleep. I'm so excited to be here!!” she added.

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