The residents of the Northern Quarter, Manchester city are claiming the area has become infested with rats.

The rats have been a problem in the city center because of the combined aspects of water sources, food supply, and old vacant buildings, not to mention the constant road works.

However, in recent months the problems have escalated. Pest control experts are saying they got a lot of calls for rats within the city, especially during August.

The issue has become a regular topic of discussion among the locals. Discussions on social forums have discussed the problem with each resident giving their take on the situation.

One person claimed their building has a big problem with the rats coming into people’s homes at night. They stated they had had issues of rats coming into their homes through their balcony.

The resident thought they solved the problem by making sure the door was closed at night, but the next nights after this, the rat just climbed through their bedroom window.

Another resident said they had brought pest control over and they found the home had a hole in the wall.

It would seem they are so prevalent they arrive even without the presence of food in the open.

Pest control experts have since stated the city center appears to be overrun with rats.

The buildings near canal routes in the city seem to be the most affected from the infestation of rats. One of the residents that live within the canal area claimed the wooden balconies are literal rat palaces.

People have since had to keep things shut during the summer months. Most are calling for the humane euthanizing of the rodents.

Paul Barker, speaking for Protec Pest Control, said they are getting calls for rats from everywhere in the city. He also added, the problem lies with the tenants a lot of the time.

They tend to leave their rubbish bags in the open because they are too lazy to take them to the bins, expecting the concierge of the apartments to move it for them. Rats take advantage of this to get a food source.

The new buildings also often have a water feature, so the rats have a good supply of food and water.

There is also the theory more people are eating takeaway food and leaving rubbish out in the open, which then attracts the rodents.

A spokesperson for the city council stated the Manchester pest control officers had not recorded rise in reporting the numbers of rodents in the Northern quarter. Though that did not mean the teams had been less vigilant.

Rat Pixabay