Down in the Florida panhandle, Christina Andrews is doing some panhandling of her own -- begging for bigger boobs.

The Pensacola, Fla., resident has been wandering down a road flaunting a hot pink sign with blue lettering that reads, “Not Homeless Need Boobs.”

“I just want bigger boobs because I’m not happy with the ones that I have and I figured this is a good way to do it,” Andrews told local ABC affiliate WEAR. “People put out signs that they’re homeless. I’m not, so I’m just being honest.”

The unusual sign caught the attention of Pensacola drivers.

“I noticed that sign. " of flabbergasts you when you first look at it doesn't it? I'm afraid. I don't want her to lose. I hope she don't drop that sign," said one motorist.

Another said, “it’s pretty crazy. This one’s the most uncommon one that u don’t see very often.”

Andrews said she didn’t expect to fully fund her breast augmentation operation and hoped that the least she would get out of her “Not Homeless Need Boobs “ sign was a few laughs.

“I thought people would just laugh and keep riding but they’re like, ‘hey, here’s some money,’ Andrews said. “Gotten a lot of smiles out of people, too.”

Watch Andrews panhandle for bigger boobs below: