Edward Snowden, 30 Courtesy/Wikipedia

According to a National Security Agency memo published Thursday by NBC News, three NSA affiliates have been implicated in the leak of classified documents by Edward Snowden. One of them, a civilian employed by the NSA, had his security clearance revoked and eventually resigned after allowing Snowden to use his NSA password to access the classified information that was eventually leaked.

The memo alleged that on June 18, the unidentified NSA employee gave his password to Snowden, which allowed him to access classified information that the employee knew Snowden didn’t have clearance to view. The NSA memo also accused Snowden of deceiving the employee and stealing the password.

“Unbeknownst to the civilian, Mr. Snowden was able to capture the password, allowing him even greater access to classified information,” the NSA memo said. “The civilian was not aware that Mr. Snowden intended to unlawfully disclose classified information.”

The memo seems to indicate that the NSA employee will not face criminal charges, but that he lost his security clearance for not complying with “security obligations.”

The unclassified memo, sent on Feb. 10, revealed that the NSA is conducting an agency-wide sweep to identify Snowden’s accomplices and hold them accountable. The other two -- an active duty military member and a contractor -- have also had their access to NSA information removed, and the NSA is determining what further action to take.

In November, Reuters reported that Snowden persuaded as many as 25 employees to “unwittingly” give up their passwords. Snowden has denied the report and said he never stole passwords or tricked fellow NSA employees.