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  • Alisa Bajraktarevic allegedly used her position to thwart a narcotics cop from busting her lover
  • Bajraktarevic insisted that her boyfriend was not a major drug dealer
  • Bajraktarevic was moved to desk duty and had her guns taken away following the incident

A New York City police officer is being investigated after she allegedly prevented anti-illegal drug operatives from arresting her alleged drug dealer boyfriend.

Police sources told the New York Post that 33-year-old Alisa Bajraktarevic, a Bronx Robbery Squad Officer, attempted to use her position to get away after she and the drug suspect got pulled over on Saturday.

A source said the police planned to search the car and possibly arrest the alleged drug dealer, describing him as a "major player."

Sources said Bajraktarevic introduced herself as a police officer to narcotics detectives and gave them a hard time, which led the police to call a backup.

However, narcotics operatives "ended up letting him go," according to a police source.

A source said the operatives filed a complaint against Bajraktarevic at the Internal Affairs Bureau, which has already launched an investigation into the female cop.

"They tell you from day one you shouldn't be consorting with known criminals," a police source said.

"This person eventually is going to use you as a get-out-of-jail card, which is what he did," the source added.

Bajraktarevic addressed the ongoing investigation of her recent conduct, claiming her lover was not a criminal.

"There's certain things I'm not allowed to speak on as per the department," Bajraktarevic said.

"But the alleged drug dealer? That's not under investigation... He's not a drug dealer," Bajraktarevic added.

Sources said Bajraktarevic was moved to desk duty and had her guns taken away, while NYPD stated that her status had been modified.

Police sources added that Bajraktarevic could be administratively punished with transfer or lose vacation time due to her misconduct. The female cop could also face criminal charges and be sentenced to prison if the court determined she broke the law.

The female cop has been already working at the NYPD for 11 years and only joined the Bronx Robbery Squad in June. Payroll records revealed that Bajraktarevic was paid a total salary and overtime of $111,250 in 2022.

A long-time police officer, who spoke anonymously, expressed disappointment over Bajraktarevic's actions.

"She picked bad over good... It's very disappointing. She could have had the pick of the litter, and she picked the perp," the police officer said.

Joseph Giacalone, a former NYPD sergeant and currently a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said police officers associated with criminals could "wreak a whole lot of havoc for investigations."

Giacalone said officers like Bajraktarevic could have gained information about potential search warrants and set up robberies or burglaries.

"You can do all that with inside information," Giacalone said.

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