New York City announced the closure of beaches in Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island on Friday in a bid to protect beachgoers against possible big waves as hurricane Bill approaches Bermuda.

Waves are expected to rise to up to eight feet on Saturday and as much as 12 feet by Sunday. The waves may cause certain damage in the city's shores, according to

The beaches are likely to remain shut throughout the weekend. Authorities have yet to confirmed this.

We have a storm hitting Bermuda, and that will create big waves, big currents, dangerous conditions along the Jersey coast and the Long Island coast and the ocean side, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday morning.

Bill, which is a category 3 hurricane, is currently hundreds of miles away from the U.S. East Coast. The National Weather Service said it is expected to make its way about 200 miles west of Bermuda on Saturday.

The beaches following beaches will be shut:
Rockaway Beach
Coney Island Beach
Manhattan Beach
South Beach
Midland Beach
Wolfe's Pond Beach