Nadya Suleman, better known as the Octomom, has put herself up on the auction block for some lucky guy who is willing to pay the most money to go on a date with her.

Suleman, 37, has created a dating profile as a last resort to make money before she's kicked out of her home, according to TMZ. The opening bid for Octomom is $500.

Suleman also has a page on GoFundMe, a site where she's seeking to raise money from fans. So far, Suleman has been given $2,609. Her goal is $150,000.

The Octomom has 14 children, eight of whom were delivered in one birthing, which is how she got her nickname.

The question of whether Suleman is offering herself as anything more than a date on appears to be moot. The fee anyone would pay is strictly for a date -- sex is not included.

This foray into the online-dating-for-money world comes after news that Suleman was able to forgo welfare benefits because of her excursions into soft-core pornography and stripping.

When the Octomom declined to renew government assistance after her three-month cycle ended, there was speculation Suleman might be raking in as much as six figures, TMZ said.

Suleman's fans might be surprised she is now resorting to being paid to go on dates. She had previously said she was planning on reinventing herself as a professional singer.

E! Online quoted an Octomom representative in June as saying she will release a new single called "Get On The Dance Floor" in August. The exact release date isn't yet known, although she did pose topless for a Janet Jackson-themed album cover with music inspired by Madonna. Those pictures are available at TMZ.

In an effort to improve her cash-flow situation, Suleman previously starred in an X-rated film that was released by Wicked Entertainment in June, Gawker reported. The movie, coyly titled "Octomom: Home Alone," features her in "erotic vignettes" that take "playful aim at different aspects of her Octomom persona."