A 13-year-old Ohio boy sold a rare New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones football trading card for $100,000. He said that he knew he had hit the jackpot when he discovered it.

"As soon as I pulled it, I couldn't breathe. It is the only one of its kind. I couldn't believe it,” Johnny Stone, told the Akron Beacon Journal on Wednesday.

Stone and his father, Chad Stone, explained that they preordered three boxes of Panini Prizm Football cards from a local store called Triple Play Vintage in February. The cards were scheduled to be picked up in April. But due to delays, they did not pick them up until last week.

Stone sold the card over the weekend for $100,000 in cash to a private collector in Michigan. It has since been sold again for $175,000.

The father and son have been collecting for years, and even have created a card collecting and selling business together, “Stone Sports Cards.”

"I always tell him, if there is a card he really wants to keep, by all means keep it. But to me, each card has a price,” Stone's father said.

"It is literally a one in a million chance that Johnny opened that card in the first box on opening day for the series. It is the best card you can possibly get from the whole product. He won the lottery,” he added.

The owner of Triple Play Vintage, Terry Woodward, said that he was excited that it was a kid that won the money because it keeps them motivated to continue collecting.

"When it's a kid, it just makes it so much better. You know he is opening those cards and loving every one of them. And for something like this to happen, you know he will be collecting for a long time,” Woodward said.