• Justin Arthur-Ray Davis and the unnamed woman used to be colleagues
  • Davis began stalking her after leaving their mutual workplace
  • Davis assaulted and tried to kidnap the woman on April 2
  • He shot the victim's husband during the incident

Police have arrested a man in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who stalked and tried to kidnap a former co-worker and shot her husband.

The incident took place on the morning of April 2. The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, was about to head to work and her husband was accompanying her to her car. However, they noticed the suspect, identified as Justin Arthur-Ray Davis, sitting in a nearby truck, a report from ABC News said.

Davis had been stalking the woman for more than a month, the Tulsa Police Department said in a Facebook post. He started stalking the woman after leaving the company where he and the victim had worked together. Prior to the shooting, the victim had already made reports of Davis leaving candy and various types of food at her doorstep, as well as sitting in front of her apartment.

When the couple noticed Davis, he exited his truck while holding a shotgun and ran after the couple as they fled back to their home.

Davis fired his shotgun at the door, hitting the husband's hand. Davis then forced his way into the apartment and took the victim. He pulled her down the stairs and dragged her out of the apartment while choking and punching her.

Neighbors were alarmed by the noise caused by the incident. They witnessed David assaulting the woman and called 911 as soon as they saw what was happening.

The woman's husband ran down the stairs to attempt to rescue the woman, but Davis aimed his shotgun toward him. Davis threatened to kill the husband if the woman didn't get in the truck. According to the police, Davis fired two shots into the air during the incident.

Authorities started arriving, which led to Davis escaping without taking the woman with him. Police tried to chase him, but his car crashed afterward. Davis sustained a laceration to his head and was taken to a hospital for treatment. He was then booked into the Tulsa County Jail.

The police haven't disclosed what charges will be held against Davis for the incident as of yet.

Another incident involving a stalker took place in the U.K. in February. Tia McBean began stalking Oralton Robinson after their three-month relationship in 2018. Three years after their affair, McBean sent a severed pig's head to Robinson. McBean was arrested and sentenced to three months in jail after the incident.

police tape Representational image of a police tape is seen near the site of a shooting. Photo: REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman