American International Group Chief Executive Robert Benmosche said on Wednesday that after the bailed-out insurer repays the government it will no longer be too big to fail.

Once we pay back the government and we exit as an investment-grade company, I believe we are no longer too big to fail, Benmosche said in response to a Congressional Oversight Panel question.

Benmosche said AIG will need to be a simpler organization to ensure good credit ratings, adding he doesn't see AIG Financial Products as part of AIG in the long-run.

My personal belief is the reason that you might think we are too big to fail is we owe you a lot of money, Benmosche said.

The panel, which helps police U.S. bailout efforts, is holding a hearing into the aid provided to AIG by the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve in 2008 and 2009.

(Reporting by David Lawder and Kristina Cooke)