Once Upon A Time
"Once Upon a Time" viewers will discover how Elsa became a prisoner of Rumplestiltskin's in Season 4. ABC

“Once Upon a Time” concluded its third season by introducing Elsa, “Frozen’s” Snow Queen. Fans of the hit animated Disney movie were immediately freaking out over the addition of the new character. However they were left with one major question: How did she end up in Storybrooke?

Viewers saw that Elsa spilled out of an urn that was accidentally brought to Storybrooke when Emma and Hook returned from the Enchanted Forest of the past. The duo knowingly brought back a mysterious woman, which turned out to be Robin Hood’s deceased wife, Maid Marian. But Emma and Hook had no idea that Elsa was with them when they went inside Granny’s to celebrate the birth of Snow White and Prince Charming’s baby.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “Once Upon a Time” fans will find out how Elsa ended up a prisoner of Rumplestitlskin when Season 4 travels back in time to Arendelle. Viewers will not only see the events that resulted in Elsa being captured by Rumplestiltskin, but also “how Anna and Kristoff fit into the fold.” Six photos giving a sneak peek look at the new “Frozen” characters was released earlier this week.

But why is Elsa’s history important to the upcoming season of the hit ABC series? It could have something to do with her potential role as the new villain in Storybrooke.

As we previously reported, Season 4 will find Emma Swan, Snow White, Prince Charming, The Evil Queen, Hook and the other fairytale characters joining forces to “defend themselves against a magical force from the past that’s too unpredictable even for Rumplestiltskin – Elsa, the Ice Queen from Arendelle.”

“Once Upon a Time” co-creator Adam Horowitz said after the Season 3 finale aired that the show plans on “honoring” the movie. “There’s a backstory to how she appeared in Rumple’s vault, and what she’s up to now when she’s walking out of the farmhouse that we’ll get into very quickly, more likely in the premiere,” Horowitz explained to Entertainment Weekly at the time. “And in doing so, we very much want to honor what came in the movie. We’re not trying to redefine the character; what we’re trying to do is take the beloved character and fit her into the world.”

“Frozen” viewers know that Elsa was simply misunderstood in the Disney movie, and not a villain. However her inability to control her powers over snow and ice proved to be dangerous. If Rumplestiltskin captured her and took her as a prisoner, then Elsa could be looking to seek revenge against him in Storybrooke – potentially blanketing the small town in a thick blanket of snow.

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