“Once Upon a Time” fans can’t stop thinking about Captain Hook and Emma Swan. The pirate and the princess shared a steamy kiss in the Season 3 finale that left viewers wanting more … and they’ll get more when Season 4 premieres in the fall.

While scoop on the coming season is scarce, actress Jennifer Morrison recently opened up to TV Line about her character’s new relationship – and Captain Swan shippers are definitely going to be happy.

According to Morrison, she was pretty surprised at how close Emma got to Hook by the end of the season.

“If you had said it to me when we first started the show, I never would have anticipated it – but the reality is that he’s a very kindred spirit,” Morrison dished. “They’ve both been through similar things, they’re both survivors and they’ve both had to fight in order to literally just live.”

And while Hook initially joined the show as a self-involved pirate who only had his own interests at heart, he eventually became a “savior” – just like Emma! The actress does admit that sometimes in order to protect the people they love, the pair end up doing “really bad things.” But fans can agree that in the end they “have really good hearts.”

Fairy tales are supposed to have happy endings, but in the case of this show's Storybrooke, it’s pretty clear that danger and evil are always lurking. So, do Captain Swan have a “happily ever after” in their future?

As Morrison explained to TV Line, Hook “has really fought for Emma to be true to herself and to be the most powerful version of herself.” That has caused Emma to wholeheartedly trust the pirate … and become vulnerable with him. And while Morrison wouldn’t hint at what their future together would hold, she did say that in her own life she thinks that someone who empowers her would be a “good place to start a relationship.”

So, Captain Swan shippers can breathe a sigh of relief. However, it’s important not to forget that show creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have some tricks up their sleeves for Season 4.

“What we saw in the finale was the beginning of something, which could go in many different ways and many different avenues down which they could go,” Horowitz told TV Guide in mid-May. “It’s not like they’re going to suddenly go to order Chinese and watch Netflix. There’s going to be some challenges ahead and we’re going to have to show you some surprises about where the two of them go.”

And while “Once Upon A Time” viewers will have to wait for that surprise, Kitsis teased that they're hoping for “drama and crisis” next year.

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