Move over, Prince Neal! “Once Upon a Time” might be introducing another fairytale baby in Season 5. Actress Emilie de Ravin is pregnant, and the ABC show writers are teasing a pregnancy storyline for her character, Belle.

When “Once Upon a Time” viewers last left off, Belle had ended things with Rumple (Robert Carlyle) even though he had finally become the hero she had always known he could be. However, Belle ultimately had a change of heart after learning that Gold had put her safety before everything else when the Dark Ones took over Storybrooke. She raced back into Gold’s arms and it appeared as if the two were back on track with their relationship. But, of course, the fairytale series delivered a major twist – Rumple tricked everyone to steal all the magic from the Dark Ones. Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and the others quickly figured it out, but she made a promise to keep quiet to Belle about it if Rumple helped her rescue Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) from the Underworld.

Ravin, 33, announced on Twitter in October that she was expecting her first child with her writer/director boyfriend, Eric Bilitch.

“I wanted to share some exciting news … me & @ericbilitch are expecting a baby!!” she posted. “’Tis truly a dream come true and we could not be happier.”

And while fans are excited for the new mom, some are also worried about what it might mean for her character. Fortunately, co-creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz cleared the air.

“She’s on the show,” Horowitz confirmed to Entertainment Weekly. “So if anyone is concerned that, because of the pregnancy, they’re not going to be seeing her, that’s not the case.”

But does that mean her pregnancy will be written into the plot? The only thing that Kitsis would say is that viewers will have to “wait and see.”

The tease isn’t much, however, it is more than they revealed when Ravin first announced her pregnancy. At the time the only thing the co-creators would tell TVLine is that no decision will be made until the second half of the season.

Of course, a Rumbelle baby isn’t the only potential toddler running around Storybrooke. Snow White actress Ginnifer Goodwin announced in November that she is expecting her second child with her husband, Prince Charming actor Josh Dallas. Goodwin’s first pregnancy was written into the show, which is how Prince Neal was introduced. However, Horowitz and Kitsis have yet to address whether Mary Margaret and David will continue growing their family on-screen.

“Once Upon a Time” Season 5 continues on ABC in March 2016.