Emma Swan has been fighting against her fate all throughout Season 6 of “Once Upon a Time” and could very well meet her fate in episode 10. After several episodes of watching a vision of herself getting stabbed by a masked assailant, Sunday’s midseason winter finale could see her final battle with the unknown attacker.

While ABC’s synopsis for the installment doesn’t reveal if Emma will go toe-to-toe with a villain in “Wish You Were Here,” she will find herself in trouble in episode 10. A sneak-peek video of the episode (above) hints at who might just be her attacker.

In the clip, Emma, Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) are seen walking to Regina’s vault and discussing if they have a possession that could help them understand their latest obstacle, and potentially destroy Emma’s fated foe. En route to the vault, the trio runs into Regina’s evil counterpart, the queen, paying a visit to Robin’s (Sean Maguire) grave.

Regina immediately goes on the defense, telling the Evil Queen to get away from his final resting place. Emma warns Regina not to let the queen get to her, but it’s doesn’t work. When Regina attempts to throw a fire ball at her evil side, the queen snuffs it out, saying Regina can’t harm her and not hurt herself.

The tables turn when the queen reminds Emma about her parents sleeping curse, telling her to “say hi to Sleeping Beauty, or is it sleeping daddy?” Emma lashes out, slashing the queen’s face with a sword and leaving her an unfixable mark.

When Emma apologizes to Regina for hurting her too, only to discover there’s no mark on Regina’s face, Emma realizes she can kill the queen without killing her friend. Acting quickly, she attempts to stab the queen but the royal vanishes before she can follow through.

While it’s unconfirmed if the Evil Queen is the masked assailant (and, let’s face it, the queen likely wouldn’t have reason to hide her identity if she were to kill Emma), it’s entirely possible Emma’s latest discovery would result in the queen wanting her dead.

ABC’s promo for the midseason finale shows the queen wishing Emma’s wish of never being the Savior to come true, all the while sporting the mark on her face. If the queen is willing to erase Emma’s life in Storybrooke completely, whose to say she wouldn’t go a step further and kill her?

Oncers will hopefully learn Emma’s fate when the midseason premiere airs Sunday on ABC. Catch Season 6, episode 10, “Wish You Were Here,” at 8 p.m. EST. and check out the episode’s behind-the-scenes photos here.