Creflo Dollar
A person has been shot at Creflo Dollar's church

Police said one man has been fatally shot at the Georgia megachurch of the Rev. Creflo Dollar, WXIA reported.

An unidentified suspect reportedly entered the chapel of World Changers Church International on its large campus in Fulton County, Georgia, about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday and started shooting, killing a 48-year-old production crew member.

The suspect, who fled the scene in a black Subaru after the shooting, remains at-large. He was described as a male in his 30’s wearing a suit.

Dollar, who is the founder of the World Changers Church, also has numerous ministerial associations and a record company. As of 2007, WCCI’s congregation had swelled to 30,000 members. In 2006, its revenue had reached $69 million, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said.

A watchdog group called MinistryWatch gave Dollar and his church an “F” grade for their lack of financial transparency. Dollar has long refused to disclose his salary. The pastor maintains a lavish lifestyle with private jets, ritzy homes, and Rolls-Royces in his stable. In 2007, a Senate finance investigation was launched to determine whether Dollar had profited from church donations. That investigation is ongoing.