Members of English-Irish pop boy band "One Direction" pose as they arrive at the Teen Choice Awards at the Gibson amphitheatre in Universal City, California August 11, 2013. REUTERS

One Direction fans went straight to Twitter as they unleashed their rage on the Channel 4 documentary, making #THISISNOTUS and #1DWereNotLikeTheseGirlsOnTheDocumentary trend on the social media site. To say 1D fans, who go by “Directioners,” were upset by the documentary “Crazy About One Direction” would be an understatement.

The documentary suggested boy band loving girls, who were obsessed part-time, have been turned into full-blown addicts because of Twitter. According to the documentary, boy band fans have greatly changed since the '90s. It goes much further than the Backstreet Boys being better than N*sync, for instance.

In the documentary, one girl is quoted by Metro said, “I got braces because Zayn got braces. I didn’t even need braces.” One fan even compared going on to Twitter was like a drug addiction, “‘All you have to do is log into Twitter and it’s like feeding your addiction constantly.”

The 1D boys have millions of followers each on the mini-blog and are constantly tweeted throughout the day. One of their fans said she wouldn’t want to date one of the boys because of the Twitter backlash she’d most-likely face: "I wouldn’t like girls telling me to die and stuff."

Proof of that kind of backlash can be seen with teen sensation Taylor Swift. She briefly dated 1D’s Harry Style and instantly got on the Directioners bad side. Even after their breakup, most 1D fans still bash Swift on Twitter.

After the documentary many of the British boy band’s fans went to the social media site to talk about how they’re not like the fans that were portrayed in the film. Check out some of their tweets below: