• "One Piece" Chapter 1004 is set to arrive on Feb. 14
  • The Incoming chapter is titled "Kibi Dango"
  • "One Piece" Chapter 1004 will reveal Kaido's plan to be the Pirate King

"One Piece" is currently at the height of a decisive Onigashima war, which means everyone involved is at great risk. However, it also seems that Kaido has a different plan for one particular member of the Straw Hats pirates.

The Supernovas and the yonkos are still fighting at the roof of the Skull Dome, but interesting events are happening in other areas of the island. According to "One Piece" Chapter 1004 spoilers, Black Maria, one of the members of the formidable group Tobi Roppo, has a plan against Nico Robin. In the previous chapters of the manga, fans learned Sanji was lured into Black Maria's trap, internet forum DC Inside reported. (Google translation showed)

In "One Piece" Chapter 1004, Sanji obliterates all of Black Maria's minions except her female subordinates. Sanji swore never to hurt a woman and Kaido's Shinuchi exploits this weakness and catches him in her spider web. The Straw Hats' cook lies like a fly waiting to be devoured by a spider and Black Maria orders him to shout for Nico Robin's name.

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With the help of a subordinate with an eye-marked paper, Sanji's voice will be broadcasted all over Kaido's castle. This way, they could lure her into Black Maria's trap. According to her, they were instructed by Kaido to take Robin alive. They are allowed to injure the Straw Hats' archeologist to the point that she could no longer move to escape, and will be kept alive until Kaido is done with her.

Eiichiro Oda is foreshadowing the Black Maria Vs Nico Robin fight, which is what most fans want. It has been sometime before they had seen Robin engage in a battle since the Dresrosa Arc. In the previous chapters of the manga, Kaido and Big Mom talked about Robin and her vital role in their hideous plan.

With Oden gone, Robin is the only person who can decipher the poneglyphs -- a crucial element in finding the legendary "One Piece." Any pirate who plans to be the Pirate King needs a crew like Robin if they want to reach Raftel. Will Sanji obey Black Maria's order in the incoming chapters of"One Piece?"