• "One Piece" Chapter 1012 is titled "Itching"
  • The upcoming chapter is expected to drop on May 9
  • The latest "One Piece" Chapter 1012 spoilers offer updates on the status of some characters in the story

The action on the roof of the Skull Dome will get more intense with a new character seemingly hinted to join in the ongoing battle between Luffy and Kaido. 

A new set of spoilers for the upcoming manga installment are now available thanks to Redon, gyrozepp95 and some insiders in "One Piece. " The spoilers offer updates on the status of some of the characters in the story. One interesting update is that of Yamato, Momonosuke and Shinobu. 

"One Piece" Chapter 1012 apparently shows the trio in the attic. Kaidou's daughter says that the three of them should not be seen together because there is a great chance that the Marys would spot them. To fool the robotic spies, Yamato creates a dummy of Momonosuke. 

ONE PIECE | Wano Kuni Arc Recap Part 2 | Toei Animation A 5-minute look back at Act Two of the Wano Kuni arc from "One Piece"! Photo: Toei Animation US YouTube Channel

She plans to take it with her to act as a decoy and to attract Kaidou's minions. However, both Momo and Shinobu know that it's not the sole purpose behind Yamato's action. They believe that Kaido's daughter is just itching to fight. 

Before Yamato leaves, she asks Oden's son Luffy's condition. Momo informs her that Luffy is still fine, but he can only hear two voices on the roof of the Skull Dome. After hearing this, Yamato exclaims, "So it has turned into 1 on 1 fight... I must hurry!"

"One Piece" Chapter 1012 spoilers Tease that Yamato might proceed to the roof to join the ongoing battle of the two yonkos' Luffy and Kaido. Obviously, she will fight alongside the Straw Hats' captain. It is exciting to see Kaido's reaction when this happens. 

The captain of the Beasts Kingdom knows his daughter is stubborn, but making an alliance with a rival pirate, especially with Luffy, could be a big surprise for Kaido. There is also the possibility that Luffy might not let Yamato fight along with him since he was confident that he could defeat the yonko on his own

The latest "One Piece" Chapter 1012 spoilers also reveal that Momonosuke opens Oden's journal after Yamato leaves. It could hint at a possible flashback again, or perhaps Momo would learn something about his father's fight with Kaido that could defeat the yonko. 

"One Piece" Chapter 1012 is set to arrive on May 9. The upcoming chapter is titled "Itching."