• "One Piece" Chapter 1011 arrives on April 25
  • The manga installment is titled "Red Bean (Anko) Code of Honor"
  • The next manga installment following "One Piece" Chapter 1011 could arrive on May 9

Mangaka Eiichiro Oda is surprising fans with another set of unexpected turn of events in "One Piece" Chapter 1011 if the latest set of raw scans is anything to go by.

The English raws of "One Piece" Chapter 1011 are now available, thanks to the insiders in the industry. Based on the scans, the upcoming manga installment centers on Big Mom and Tama with some minor updates on Nami, Usopp, Page One, Luffy, Kaido and others.

The chapter starts with Big Mom creating a new homie called Hera. According to the raw scans, this new homie is made of thunder. And unlike others, Hera is a female homie. Big Mom tries to use Hera's powerful attack on Killer and Kid.

The Yonko's attack blows Kid and Killer away and makes a massive hole in the castle. Big Mom looks for Kid and Killer but since the hole is so huge, she ends up on a different floor.

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Meanwhile, Luffy and Kaidou's fight on the roof of the Skull Dome is still ongoing. Law, Zoro and Zeus, on the other hand, leave the battlefield.

Kid and Killer try to find Big Mom so she couldn't return on the roof of the Skull Dome but they are attacked by Basil Hawkins. Killer asks Kid to go after the Yonko while he settles the score with Hawkins.

On the Live Stage, Usopp, Nami and Tama are being chased by Page One. Usopp attempts to stop the Tobi Roppo member with his powerful attacks but Page One is too tough for those. Tama plans to command the Gifters that have eaten kibi dango in the Live Stage. She tells Komachiyo to hang on a little bit longer after the dog is jumped on by Page One.

Big Mom suddenly appears in front of Usopp, Nami and Tama and before the Yonko could attack them, Tama calls the Yonko and addresses her as O-Lin. The emperor shifts into her "Mother" mode and asks the child why she is in a dangerous place. Tama tells her about Kaidou's men destroying Okubore, and it angers the Yonko.

Page One suddenly catches upon them and asks Big Mom to stop them from running away. The Tobi Roppo member is about to eat them when the Yonko punches him using the Color of the Supreme King haki fist. Apparently, the Yonko follows some kind of a moral code and despite having an eccentric personality, she actually has a soft spot for those who fed her when she was hungry.

Ulti witnesses all these events along with some of Kaido's armies. According to the scans, Ulti is shaking in fear while Kaido's men are in a panic.

Straw Hats find an ally in Big Mom at the most opportune time. However, this does not guarantee that the Yonko would fight alongside them. It could just be a special case because of Tama. There is a big chance that this would change when she sees Kid in the next manga installment.