• "One Piece" 1020 will reportedly release on August 1
  • The upcoming chapter is titled "Nico Robin Vs. Black Maria"
  • It might offer hints on one character's major role in the war in Onigashima

The war in Onigashima is far from over and it seems more players in the background have to show their hands and get involved to find out what is at stake for them. Apparently, "One Piece" 1020 spoilers may have teased about a particular character making a move that could affect the war and the narrative of the manga.

According to the latest set of "One Piece" 1020 spoilers, fans will see Luffy regain his consciousness. He will ask Momonosuke to bring him back to Onigashima. Of course, this is only possible if Oden's son will turn himself into a dragon. Interestingly, Wet-Haired Caribou will be watching all of this from afar.

Based on another set of spoilers, Wet-Haired Caribou is with Luffy and Momonosuke and the trio is now on their way back to Onigashima. Fans are excited about Caribou getting the spotlight because some of them believe that the character may be up to something. An interesting fan theory on Reddit suggests that he is a spy working for Blackbeard.

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This theory says that Caribou knows about Shirahoshi and at one point mentions "that person" is happy to learn more about Poseidon. Caribou also knows about how communications work in Udon Prison. The theory also claims that Caribou may be the reason why Blackbeard knows that Luffy is inside the prison camp.

Others agree with the theory that he's a major game changer, pointing out that the character knowing about Shirahoshi can't just be a mere accident. Some fans, however, are not convinced about Caribou's major role in the manga's overall narrative. To them, the character is just like Buggy who primarily intends to kill Luffy but decides to help the future Pirate King at the end of the day because they are too weak.

Meanwhile, some fans think people expect too much from Caribou. They believe he is the kind of character who will do what's best for his interest at any given time. Whatever the character's role is in the overall plot remains unknown. But so far, he is introduced as a major opportunist with a stroke of very bad luck.

"One Piece" 1020 is titled "Robin Vs. Black Maria" and is scheduled to drop on August 1. The release of the upcoming manga installment has been delayed because of the Olympics.