• "One Piece" 1020 is scheduled to release on Aug. 1
  • The upcoming chapter is titled "Nico Robin vs. Black Maria"
  • The chapter's release has been delayed because of the Olympics

More details about the upcoming manga installment "One Piece" 1020 surfaced online and this time, the spoilers teased the unexplored backstory of the Straw Hats' rockstar Brook.

While fans already know the summary of the upcoming chapter, more details about the Nico Robin vs. Black Maria fight surfaced online. According to TalkOP, the illusions, presumably created by Black Maria, that Brook and Robin see are the people they miss. In Robin's case, the spoilers reveal the back of a giant and a white-haired woman.

The white-haired woman could be her mother, Nico Olvia. The giant is likely to be the marine Vice Admiral who tried to save her during the Buster Call, Jaguar D. Saul. Since only the backs of these characters are shown, it is difficult to confirm if they are Robin's mom and the marine officer.

ONE PIECE | Wano Kuni Arc Recap Part 2 | Toei Animation A 5-minute look back at Act Two of the Wano Kuni arc from "One Piece"! Photo: Toei Animation US YouTube Channel

Interestingly, Brook sees many people from his past crew, which the spoilers describe as "unknown people wearing odd armor." It was also revealed that he is unable to attack them. This is a part of Brook's past that he shared with the Straw Hats when he was not yet a part of the crew. 

It may be recalled that Brook told the Straw Hats he was a wanted man with a bounty of 33 million Berries. Brook told the Straw hats he used to lead a battle convoy at a certain kingdom before he joined the Rumbar Pirates as a musician. The latest "One Piece" 1020 spoilers teased about this part of Brook's backstory. 

The odd armor could very well explain the era when he was a leader. The illusion also hinted at a potential quick flashback at that period for fans to get to know the musician better. Apart from the illusions, the latest set of "One Piece" 1020 spoilers also offered other information about Black Maria's weapon Wanyudo.

According to the leaks, Wanyudo is a special type of SMILE fruit, based on a breed of dog only found in Wano Kuni. More importantly, the spoilers reveal Wet-Haired Caribou is with Luffy and Momo and the trio is now on their way back to Onigashima.

The release of "One Piece" 1020 was pushed to Aug. 1 because of the Tokyo Olympics.