• "One Piece" 1022 is titled Ornament
  • The upcoming chapter is set to release on Aug. 22
  • "One Piece" 1022 early spoilers are now available

"One Piece" 1022 will not release this coming Sunday but a new set of early spoilers hint that fans can look forward to the highly anticipated battle between Kaido's All-Stars and the Straw Hats Monster Duo.

The early set of "One Piece" 1022 spoilers are now available online, thanks to Redon and other insiders in the community. The upcoming manga installment would reportedly showcase Zoro and Sanji finally fighting alongside each other in a deathly match against the powerful and equally strong All-Stars Queen the Plague and King the Conflagration.

Roronoa Zoro has finally recovered, probably because of the super medicine Miyagi gave to him. In the upcoming chapter's double-page, Zoro and Sanji would reportedly attack King and Queen.

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During the battle, Zoro and Sanji would talk and agree that winning the battle at hand would help Luffy become the King of the Pirates. This is one of the few precious moments when Sanji and Zoro fight together.

In both manga and anime adaptations of "One Piece," Zoro and Sanji are always shown to compete against each other, which eventually end up in fights. Luffy's wings argue all the time over petty matters and often at the most inopportune moments.

Sanji seldom addresses Zoro using his first name and instead gives him different aliases. Black Leg would refer to Zoro as marimo, swordsman and many others. Zoro, on the other hand, addresses Sanji as dartboard bow, cook and ero cook, among others.

It is exciting to see how the fight between the Straw Hats' monster duo and Kaido's All-Stars would go. However, fans would not be surprised if Zoro and Sanji start quarreling in the middle of that fight.

King and Queen are Kaido's best men and perhaps his most trusted among his minions. It is interesting to see how these two would fair against Sanji and Zoro.

"One Piece" 1022 is titled "Ornament," but according to the insider, it is not yet "fully accurate." The kanji could also be translated as "flower form." The insider also noted that the title may have something to do with Marco the Phoenix.

The upcoming manga installment will release on Aug. 22 following a one-week break.