• "One Piece" 1038 is titled "Kid & Law Vs. Big Mom"
  • The upcoming manga installment is set to drop on Sunday
  • "One Piece" 1038 will reportedly show a grim reaper appearing before Zoro

The most recent set of "One Piece" 1038 spoilers is now out and it seems that fans will have to wait a little bit longer before they could learn about Zunesha's presence near Wano. The spoilers offer latest updates on the Law and Kid vs Big Mom fight, Zoro's well-being, as well as Izu and his enemies.

Several details about "One Piece" 1038 have surfaced online, thanks to Redon of Mangahelpers forums and other insiders in the community. The upcoming chapter is reportedly titled "Kid & Law Vs. Big Mom" and will most likely highlight the intense fight between the Worst Generation captains and the only Empress of the Sea, Big Mom.

The most interesting part of the spoilers centers on Roronoa Zoro and his condition after his victorious fight against King the Conflagration. According to the spoilers, a grim reaper holding a huge scythe appears in front of the swordsman.

Chopper is also concerned about Zoro because prior to his fight, he took the Mink's medicine, which they learned earlier, has some adverse effects. Some fans think that Zoro is probably hallucinating, which could be a part of the medicine's side effect.

Several others speculate that Zoro might die because of the grim reaper's presence. But this speculation goes against Zoro's plot armor since his journey with Luffy involves him becoming the world's strongest swordsman.

There are also other theories claiming Zoro's vision could be related to Oden's Enma. "One Piece" 1038 spoilers also reveal that Izu will be up against some members of the CP-0.

Izu is used to fights since he is the former 16 division commander of the White Beard Pirates. However, the members of the CP-0 are not ordinary men and some of them even possess rare and powerful Devil Fruits.

The upcoming manga installment will also offer an update on Law and Kid's fight against Big Mom, according to spoilers. Readers will see that the Worst Generation Captains will be overpowered by Big Mom.

However, it appears that despite this disappointing feat, Law and Kid do their best to prevent the Yonko from reaching the roof of the Skull Dome, where Luffy and Kaido are currently fighting.

"One Piece" 1038 is set to release Sunday following a long hiatus.