• "Tokyo Revengers" 239 is expected to release on Jan. 26
  • It will most likely reveal the result of the competition that Mitsuya joined
  • The contest's result will determine if he'll accept Takemichi's invitation or not

"Tokyo Revengers" 239 will most likely provide details about Mitsuya's fate as he joins the "Japan Fashion Culture Newcomer" to fulfill Draken's dream for him to become a designer.

The latest chapter of Ken Wakui's "Tokyo Revengers" is titled "Really into It." It tells the story of Mitsuya and his reaction to Draken's sudden death. Mitsuya and Draken were known as the twin dragons of the Tokyo Manji gang because they had the same tattoo design.

The two were also among the founding members of Toman and shared a lot of memories together while they were in the group. As the maker of the group's costume, Draken knew Mitsuya had a gift in fashion design and that's probably the reason why he wanted his friend to pursue it.

Mikey Talarico? Tokyo Revengers
Assista Tokyo Revengers na Crunchyroll! Episódio 23: Depois dos eventos na batalha com a Valhalla, Takemichi e Draken saem juntos. Takemichi acaba conhecendo a casa de Draken e um pouco mais sobre a sua vida. Mas quando ele sai de casa, vê uma cena inesperada entre Mikey e Emma! YouTube Screenshot/Crunchyroll Brazil Official YouTube Channel

The latest manga installment was another heartbreaking episode where readers learned about Mitsuya's sad situation. Apparently, Draken's death took a toll on him, and instead of letting his anguish out, he became a recluse and shut himself off from the world.

According to his sister, Mitsuya had been spending all his time in a dark room, coming up with different designs. He no longer took care of himself and didn't pay attention to his health, as if extremely motivated by desperation to turn Draken's dream for him into reality.

Takemichi and the rest of the group purposely visited Mitsuya to ask him to be the counsel of the Thousand Winters gang. However, Hakkai realized that his friend might not be interested in the invitation, considering his current condition.

At the end of the manga, all the members of the Thousand Winters gang came to the venue of Mitsuya's competition. They wore the group's uniform. Even Inui, who initially loathed the said attire, was wearing it.

The result of the said contest will dictate Mitsuya's fate. It will also determine if he will accept Takemichi's invitation or not.

"Tokyo Revengers" 239 will most likely reveal the result of the competition. There's a great chance Mitsuya will join Takemichi's group if the time traveler would bring up that Draken asked him to take care of Mikey and the only way to do it is by forming a gang that could defeat the Kantou Manji gang.

The upcoming manga installment might also show readers Takemichi recruiting Senju and the other members of the Brahman gang or those who chose not to join Kantou Manji. They might also give an update about Mikey and how he's been coping with Draken's death.

A new manga installment releases weekly, and if there are no delays or changes in the schedule, "Tokyo Revengers" 239 would drop on Jan. 26. Spoilers could come out as early as Jan. 23, while raw scans could surface online on the night of Jan. 25.